Honors 20/20 Day

            Honors 20/20 2017

Student and faculty presenters from the 2018 Honors 20/20 Event


Honors 20/20 Day with the University Honors Program

Tuesday, March 5, 2019
Hamilton Smith Hall 205


Honors 20/20 is meant as a way to showcase research and creative work and get people talking to one another across a variety of academic fields. Based on the "pechu kucha" model – a visually engaging presentation format in which presenters speak while showing 20 Powerpoint slides for 20 seconds each (automatically timed, for a total presentation time of 6 minutes, 40 seconds) - this event is filled with presentations  that are fast-paced and image-rich.

You can learn more about the Pecha Kucha model here: https://www.pechakucha.com/

The event is meant to put a spotlight on the amazing and passionate research done by both Honors Students and Faculty here at University of New Hampshire.



2019 Honors Student Presenters


Allison Easterbrook

Allison Easterbrook, Neuroscience & Behavior, Class of 2019

"Music and Improvisation Brain Activation: a Meta-Analysis and Functional Model"


Allison is a Neuroscience and Behavior major. Her project focuses on compiling fMRI data from previous studies in order to determine activation of the brain during music and improvisation tasks. Allison completed her research at UNH starting in the summer of 2018 with a SURF award with Dr. Don Robin of the Communication, Science, and Disorders department.

She is in the Nu Rho Psi Neuroscience Honor Society, and hopes to plan to attend graduate school after graduating from UNH.




Ben Fehr


Ben Fehr, Mathematics, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems, Class of 2020

"Harnessing the Power of Ecosystem Services to Save the Future of Coffee: A Bioeconomic Approach"


Ben is a junior Mathematics and Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems duel major. He’s currently involved in research using computer simulations under Dr. Shadi Atallah here at the University of New Hampshire. After graduation, Ben plans on pursuing a graduate degree in applied mathematics.




Charlie Nitschelm

Charlie Nitschelm, Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2020

"Design, Manufacturing and Testing of a Hybrid Rocket Engine"


Charlie is a junior Mechanical Engineering major. Last year, Charlie began research with UNH SEDS, a university organization that is currently working on the formation of a hybrid rocket engine. The team is composed entirely of student members and includes nearly every major in CEPS. Charlie currently serves as the organization’s Presidetn and Chief Technical Officer.

Charlie was recently accepted into the Matthew Isakowitz Fellowship Program, for which he will complete an internship with the Rocket Lab near Los Angeles during the summer of 2019. Upon graduation, he plans to enter the aerospace industry.  




Crystina Friese

Crystina Friese, Anthropology and Justice Studies, Class of 2020

Graves in the Forest: Mapping Lost Colonial Cemeteries in the Oyster River Watershed


Crystina is a junior Anthropology and Justice studies duel major. Crystina conducted her research in Durham, NH, during the summer of 2017 through the REAP (Research Experience and Apprenticeship Program) award. Crystina’s group was the first to map a local cemetery, which resulted in creation of documentation to help preserve the historical status of the site, as well as provide information about the social and economic processes of colonial New England. After graduation, Crystina hopes to pursue graduate school for forensic anthropology.


Morgan Baumgartner

Morgan Baumgartner, Medical Microbiology, Class of 2019

"Student-Athlete Wellness Study: an investigation of the effects of sleep quality, nutrition, and stress on student-athlete self-reported injury risk in and out of season"


Morgan is a Medical Microbiology major. Under the guidance of Dr. Jesse Morrell, she conducted research here at UNH collecting surveys, anthropometric measurements, and a 24-hour dietary recall of both male and female fall varsity sport athletes to determine these effects on self-reported injury risk. After graduation, Morgan hopes to work in clinical research for a couple of years before applying to medical school.






Amber McElhinney

Amber McElhinney, Equine Studies: Equine Science, Minor in Dairy Management, Class of 2019

“Three Dimensional Echocardiographic Analysis of the Equine Aortic Valve”


Amber is a senior Equine Studies major with a minor in Dairy management. She completed her research project with Dr. John A Keen at the University of Edinburgh Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Medicine in Edinburgh, Scotland in the summer of 2018. Amber looked at aortic valves of horses on 3D echocardiography (ultrasound) and compared normal valves to valves with aortic regurgitation. Her project took novel measurements of normal and diseased valves to see if there is a quantitative way to evaluate progression of aortic regurgitation using 3D echocardiography. Her future plans are to become an equine veterinarian. She has been accepted to three veterinary schools so far, and is currently deciding which one she will attend this upcoming fall.