Graduation and Required Paperwork

Student displays mortarboard reading "I heart UNH"

Students who are members of the University Honors Program or who have registered as Honors in Major students will be contacted by the Honors Program office with reminders about graduation paperwork and requirements. 

Certification of Completion

In the semester of graduation, students must submit a Certification of Completion form to the UHP office. For May graduates, it is usually due in February. This form certifies that all Honors in Major requirements will have been completed by the end of the semester. It is signed by the departmental liaison, who is responsible for checking the student’s record against GPA and coursework requirements for the major. 

Honors Certification and Recognition

Once the Certification of Completion forms are submitted to the UHP office, program staff review student transcripts. Students who have completed 16 credits of Discovery Honors work according to program policies, as well as their major’s requirements for Honors, will be given the University Honors in Major designation. Students who have completed only the required work in the major will be awarded Honors in the Major.

Honors Convocation

Honors Convocation is held on the Friday before the graduation ceremony. It is organized by the University Events and Programs office, not the University Honors Program. Students who qualify for Latin Honors are invited to this ceremony; students who earn University Honors receive a special invitation. Invitations are usually sent near the time of Spring Break.

At the Convocation, University Honors graduates receive special blue stoles that they wear to the Commencement ceremony.