Daniel Horan, Class of 2001

Picture of Daniel Horan

Daniel Horan is a 2001 UHP graduate with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Following graduation, Daniel decided to follow his passion for arts and antiques, rather than chemical engineering, and has since become the owner of a widely successful auction house in Windham, NH. In addition to his social and academic pursuits, Daniel credits his time in the Honors Program for honing those skills that would later prepare him for the demands of a thriving business. Below, Daniel discusses how the Honors Program helped shape his career.

Please tell us a little bit about your background.
I was born in Concord, NH and raised in Manchester, NH. Growing up I was fascinated by biology and the sciences and wanted to become a marine biologist.

Why did you decide to attend UNH?
I decided to attend UNH because of the Governor’s Success Scholarship as part of the UNH Honors Program, created by UNH to retain academically gifted NH high school graduates and because of the excellent reputation of UNH’s Engineering Department. I was a Chemical Engineering major.

Were you involved with any sports or extracurricular activities while at UNH?
I participated in intramural basketball and the UNH Outing club.

How did the Honors Program contribute to your experience at UNH?
The Honors Program was one of the most important experiences I had while attending UNH. It was critical to both my social and academic success at UNH. Many of the best and the most important friendships I formed at UNH were made through people I met in my honors classes, including students and professors. The academic experience gained through the program was second to none and prepared me well for the rigors and trials of a demanding career.

What is your most significant memory as a college/Honors student?
I have so many it is hard to choose. My favorite memory would probably be the friendliness and warmth of all the staff in the Honors Program Office, including Professor Robert Mennel and Lee Calderone. Their understanding and support through a challenging period in my junior year will always be a lifelong memory I hold dear.

Did you write a thesis while at the Honors Program?
Yes. Under the direction Professor Vasudevan in the Chemical Engineering department I wrote a thesis on polymer separation.

What did you do after graduation?
I went to work for family members as general manager of a small boutique auction house specializing in antique watches. I have transferred since then, but stayed in the field and now am the owner of a multimillion dollar specialized antique auction house called R.O. Schmitt Fine Arts, LLC.

Please share with us any interesting things you have been doing in recent years.
I reside in Windham, NH where I run R.O. Schmitt Fine Arts, LLC out of a home office. I was married in 2009 to Celeste Langlois, a graduate of Rivier College in Nashua, NH. We spend a lot of time in Catholic Church ministry and travelling the country picking up collections of watches and clocks.

Is there any advice you would like to share with our current students?
The Honors Program was perhaps the best experience I had at UNH. The program made a big difference to my collegiate enjoyment and success at UNH. Participation in the program cannot be urged too strongly for students up to the challenge. It made my time at UNH an experience as good as any I could get at any university in the country.

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