Academic Standards

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Academic Standards

Academic Standards Petition Form

Students in the University Honors Program are required to maintain a 3.4 cumulative overall GPA. GPA's are reviewed yearly, after Spring grades become available. Students whose GPA is below the standard are notified and offered an opportunity to petition to remain in the program. These petitions are evaluated by the Director and the Assistant Director, who consider trends in the student’s academic progress, extenuating circumstances (such as medical or personal circumstances), and the probability and possibility that the student can raise his GPA to the designated level within the next year or, in some circumstances, by graduation. Students whose petitions are approved are asked to meet with the Assistant Director upon returning to campus to discuss strategies for improved performance. Students who do not petition, or whose petition is denied, are removed from the program and any Honors courses they have registered for.

Freshmen are granted an exception to this rule and need only reach a 3.0 GPA by the end of their first year.

Each department sets its own standard GPA for Honors in Major. While most are consistent with the University Honors Program guideline of 3.4, some are lower or higher; others have specific GPA requirements for work within the major. It is possible for a student to maintain a 3.4 overall yet be prevented from completing Honors in Major because of department requirements. It is also possible for a student with a GPA below 3.4 to succeed in petitioning to remain within the University Honors Program, but be rejected by her major. In these cases, the student will not be able to complete University Honors.

Upon graduation, all grades are reviewed once Spring grades become available. At this point no exceptions are granted to the 3.4 standard for students graduating with University Honors. However, some students graduating with Honors in Major only may be held to a different standard, depending upon department guidelines; they may be able to graduate with a lower GPA. Conversely, in departments with a GPA standard above 3.4, students may be prevented from completing Honors in Major, and thereby from completing University Honors, if they do not meet the standard set by their major.