The University Honors Program (UHP) is rooted in humble beginnings. From advising a small group of 200 students in 1984, the UHP now boasts over 2500 graduates, with 900 students presently enrolled in the program.

In addition to having access to wonderful small classes in every college, students in the Honors Program enjoy social events, cultural opportunities, speakers, films and advising sessions sponsored by the Program and by the Student Honors Council. Special Honors Study Abroad opportunities ensure that students can fulfill both Honors discovery category requirements and, occasionally, major requirements. Honors students know their faculty especially well, and can work closely with them over an extended period of time.  

Honors students are recruited for post-baccalaureate opportunities: international fellowships like Fulbrights, Marshalls and Rhodes; graduate programs in medicine, law, and the arts and sciences; and employment in a full range of competitive areas.

Our Mission

The University Honors Program embraces the values of Discovery, Engagement, and Community that are articulated in the Academic Plan of the University. We affirm our commitment to provide academically ambitious students with a coherent, challenging academic experience and a strong sense of intellectual community. We seek students who actively commit to those ideals: they strive for excellence; they embrace intellectual life with energy and a sense of adventure; and they share the desire to pursue their academic work in diverse venues, communities, and contexts. Essential to our effort is a community characterized by active cultural exchange, one that values a range of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. We seek to create a community that is broadly representative with regards to race, ethnicity, gender, economic background, first-generation college students, geographical region, specific talents, and all those qualities that make people unique and valuable in a community of learners.