Medical Accompaniment

SHARPP Advocates will accompany a person who has experienced sexual assault to the hospital for medical care after an assault (including a rape kit). Undergoing a medical examination, especially one as extensive as a rape kit, can be very difficult and possibly re-traumatizing. An advocate can be a source of emotional support, as well as a helpful resource for any questions a survivor might have throughout the medical examination. The advocate is there solely for the survivor and can help them to understand the process better and help them navigate what can be a very overwhelming procedure.

How To Access:

For immediate assistance, please call SHARPP's 24/7 helpline at (603) 862-7233 or (888) 271-7233. During business hours, visit SHARPP’s office in Wolff House (2 Pettee Brook Lane), text an advocate at (603) 606-9393, or chat live with an advocate.

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