Medical Accompaniment

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Typically, an advocate will accompany a survivor of sexual assault to the hospital for medical care after the assault (specifically for a rape kit). This generally happens one of two ways: The survivor calls the hotline and decides to go to the hospital, at which point the advocate would meet the client at the hospital or at a determined location. A survivor is at the hospital and discloses the abuse. The hospital is mandated to call the local crisis center for services which will prompt an advocate to come to the hospital. The client can then accept or refuse services.

Undergoing a medical examination, especially one as extensive as a rape kit, can be very difficult. An advocate can be a source of support, as well as a helpful resource for any questions you might have throughout the medical examination. The advocate is there solely for your support and can help you understand the process better and help you navigate what can be a very overwhelming procedure.

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For immediate assistance, please call SHARPP's 24/7 helpline at 862-7233 or (888) 271-7233 or online at Ask an Advocate during normal business hours. 

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