Flu Clinic

Each year, the seasonal flu makes its way to campus resulting in missed days of work and classes. This virus spreads rapidly among students because of close living conditions, lowered resistance, stress, etc., and campus communities have the potential to face significant epidemics each winter.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that the seasonal flu vaccine is the single most effective method for preventing the seasonal flu.

Annually, Health & Wellness provides the seasonal flu vaccine on the UNH Durham campus to students, faculty and staff.

Visit our website for information about upcoming flu clinics and appointments.

If you are experiencing symptoms, call Health & Wellness at 603-862-9355 for guidance.

Note:  We do not have the FluMist® or the 65 and older high dose seasonal flu vaccine.

How To Access:

Visit the Health and Wellness website for more details.

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