College Woods Trail

College Woods Trail emblem

This project is a Healthy UNH initiative. 

Implemented during the fall of 2016 as part of UNH’s commitment to the Partnership for a Healthier America’s Healthier Campus Initiative, the College Woods Trail is just one way UNH is working to become a healthier place.

This 2.14 mile (40 minutes at easy pace) route begins and ends at the Wildcat statue. This fully-marked trail travels through College Woods via College Road and Library Way. The loop in the woods begins and ends at post #9. You may link up to the Oyster River Trail at post #15 by crossing the upper bridge. 

The full 2.14 mile trail loops through College Woods.  This section consists of moderately sloped dirt trail with exposed tree roots and embedded rocks. 

A 1.86 mile accessible portion of the trail follows man-made surfaces leading to a packed natural surface in the woods. This portion is an “out and back,” meaning users travel to the end point and then return along the same route to complete the trail at the Wildcat starting point.

The Oyster River Trail

Thanks to our partners in the Town of Durham.

This trail starts from Mill road and follows the southern shoreline of the Oyster River and reservoir before continuing across Durham Town Property to end at Packers Falls Road. You can join up to the College Woods Trail by crossing the upper Bridge at post “E”.

A leisurely stroll of the full College Woods Trail will take the average walker between 40 minutes and an hour.  Trail marker numbers and distance measurements will help you track your progress and estimate walk time. Look for trail markers along the route.

Route Finding in College Woods and Natural Area

There are two marked routes here, the College Woods Trail on the north side of the river and the Oyster River Trail on the south side. As shown on the map, both trails are marked at trail junctions with posts and uniquely numbered or lettered signs.

More information about the College Woods Trail and other Healthy UNH initiatives


College Woods trail and sign