Healthy UNH Blogger: Katelyn Fougere

Name: Katelyn Fougere

Home Town: Manchester, New Hampshire

Major: Nutrition- Dietetics

What do you do to make a Healthy UNH?

I believe eating healthy and staying active are two important components of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I try to get myself involved as much as possible trying to educate students, employees and the community as a whole on ways to stay healthy.

Favorite Food:

If I had to choose a food to be one of my favorites, I would definitely choose shrimp.

Favorite Movie:

I find it really hard to choose one movie to be my favorite because I have seen so many good ones! I would probably choose “A Walk to Remember” to be at the top of my list.

Favorite Book:

If I had to choose one book to be my favorite I would choose “The Fault in Our Stars.”

What place in the world would you most want to visit?

There are so many different places I would love to travel to but one place I have been wanting to go to is Sydney, Australia.

Favorite Dining Hall?

Choosing between all of the dining halls we have here at UNH, I would choose Hoco to be my favorite.

What do you love about UNH?

There are so many things I love about UNH! The one thing that I love about UNH is how pretty the campus is, especially in the fall (my favorite time of year).

As a Healthy UNH intern, what are you most excited about?

Being a Healthy UNH intern, I am most excited about educating individuals here at UNH on different ways to maintain or even create a healthy lifestyle for themselves. I also love learning about the many different ways to stay healthy myself whether it’s having to do with nutrition, physical activity or wellness. There is a lot for us Healthy UNH interns to look forward to!