Healthy UNH Blogger: Audrey Walker

Major: Nutrition and Wellness

Graduation Year: 2015

What do you do to make a Healthy UNH? I love to go on long walks around campus, especially in College Woods and West Foss Farm. I encourage my friends to make healthy choices while we are in the dining halls since there is so much temptation and options available.

Favorite Food: Pizza… everything in moderation!

Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction

Favorite Book: Life of Pi

What place in the world do you most want to visit? Alaska. My dad and I have always wanted to go on a fishing trip there and enjoy the natural beauty.

Favorite Dining Hall? Philbrook is my favorite dining hall because they have all day breakfast! I love the circular layout and all of the booths they have available. My friends and I spent freshmen year eating at Philbrook; spending time there always brings back a lot of great memories.

What do you love about UNH? I love how beautiful the campus is. There’s nothing that can beat UNH during fall. All of the foliage changing colors is really inspiring and makes me want to spend more time outside. I also love that you can walk anywhere on campus, no car needed!

As a Healthy UNH intern, what are you most excited about? I’m excited to help other students improve their own personal health goals. I think that showing others how to live a healthy lifestyle will also teach me how I can further improve my life. There are so many simple things you can change in your everyday schedule that will make a big difference in your health and I’m excited to share them with others.