Partnership For a Healthier America: Healthier Campus Intiative

On Sunday, November 16, at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, the Partnership for a Healthier America officially announced the new Healthier Campus Initiative. UNH is proud to be in the first cohort of campus partnerships, which includes 19 other colleges and universities, collectively impacting more than 500,000 students and 126,000 faculty and staff.

UNH has agreed to implement or maintain the following guidelines before June 1, 2017:

  • Make free water available in all dining, recreational and educational facilities.
  • Make available Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) for personal nutrition assessments and counseling to all students. 
  • Provide at least one (1) bicycle parking space on campus for every fifteen (15) individuals on campus.
  • Offer a bicycle share/rental program and/or a subsidized bicycle purchase program  for all individuals on campus.
  • Implement a campus-wide program/policy that incentivizes the use of public or campus provided transportation.
  • Provide, without a user fee, sixteen (16) hour per day access to at least one (1) fitness or recreation center for all students.
  • Offer a minimum of twenty (20) diverse recreation, physical activity/movement or competitive sports opportunities during each academic year.
  • Offer, without a user fee, a minimum of one (1) monthly "how to" physical activity/movement class that introduces students to new activities.
  • Offer a rental outdoor recreation equipment program for students.
  • Make available certified personal trainers for all students.
  • Offer only a total number of fried foods that does not exceed the total number of platforms available at both lunch and dinner (if served) across all venues .
  • Offer tray-less dining in at least seventy-five percent (75%) of dining venues.
  • Provide marked walking routes on campus, one of which must be at least two (2) miles in length and have distance markers at regular intervals. A route map is made available to individuals on campus.
  • Implement a mandatory health and wellness education online module to be completed by all incoming first year or transfer students, upon registering with the college or university.
  • Provide at least one running/walking track that is open and available for use to individuals on campus and the community for at least three (3) hours per day.
  • Offer a healthier catering menu that only includes foods and beverages that meet healthier food and nutrition guidelines.
  • Offer on the menu a minimum of one (1) wellness meal at each breakfast, lunch, and dinner meal (if served).
  • Offer a minimum five (5) types of fruit, five (5) types of vegetables and two (2) 100% whole grain products at both lunch and dinner (if served).
  • Offer and identify as healthier at point of presentation at least three (3) desserts at both lunch and dinner that have no more than 150 calories as served.
  • Designate healthier food and beverage options using a healthy icon at the point of presentation.
  • Offer a plant-based food option at every platform serving meat.
  • Implement an integrated, comprehensive wellness program for individuals on campus that is provided annually. The program will include all of the following components:

• A coordinating committee that
  includes student, faculty,
  administrative and staff
  representatives and meets at least
• Health and wellness education and
  activities for all individuals on
• Activities that incorporate
  provisions for individuals with
• A promotional plan to market the
  wellness program through at least
  one online venue and three physical
  venues on campus;
• Provision of annual physical
  activity/movement and nutrition
  training for all resident assistants
  (RA’s) to help them inform students
  about campus resources available
  for wellness.

  • Offer a rewards-on-benefits structured program that gives insurance premium discounts and/or rebates to individuals on campus who participate in a wellness program designed by the health insurer on campus.

Read UNH's official press release here