Environment and Market

The Environment & Market domain puts the Healthy UNH efforts in the context of local, state and national issues and initiatives. The work team is committed to surveying and educating the campus community in an effort to engage them as responsible health care consumers and broaden their level of understanding on heath and health care issues.

This work group has seven major objectives:

  1. Create a vehicle for monitoring and disseminating market data.
  2. Assess the current level of our community’s understanding of health care issues and increase that level of understanding.
  3. Assist all UNH members in being thoughtful, careful, and well-informed customers of health care.
  4. Revise existing and construct new curriculum and research disciplines in business, economics, policy, and health services, reflective of our programs and learning.
  5. Design a vehicle to sustain the Healthy UNH efforts.
  6. Integrate health and Healthy UNH into other campus-wide efforts, such as the campus master plan and Sustainability at UNH.
  7. Engage UNH leadership to make Healthy UNH a recognized priority area.

To learn more about Environment and Market, enroll in one of the courses listed on the Healthy UNH Courses page.