Increase Generic Drug Use

When you fill a prescription at a pharmacy, it is for either a brand name drug or a generic drug. A brand name drug has a trade name and is protected by a patent. Every drug you have seen advertised in magazines and television commercials is a brand name drug. It cannot be produced by anyone other than the patent-holder. When a patent expires, these drugs can be produced by other companies with FDA approval.  Generic drugs contain the exact same ingredients as their brand name counterparts, but allow for competition in the market place and can be much less expensive. Did you know that by increasing our use of generic drugs by just 10%, we could save $250,000 per year?

Another way to cut our prescription drug costs is by using th email order prescription service. CareMark, USNH's new prescription management program, offers a prescription mail order service. Simply place your order and wait for a 90 day supply of medications to be delivered to your door! And, if you live in NH, your copay for these meds is less expensive than if you picked them up at a pharmacy.