Healthy UNH Drop-In Yoga Class Descriptions

Foundational Fridays

TGIFF! Perfect
for those who have never taken yoga and experienced yogis looking for a
refresher, this 55-minute class offers a gentle workout for the body and mind. Each
class will allow you to experience, practice, and master a variety of poses
that build strength, increase flexibility and balance, improve posture, and
help you let go of the week’s stress. Instructors will provide clear
instruction on the proper alignment of basic, standing and seated yoga postures
and offer modifications for participants with injuries and different levels of
physical ability. Postures will be integrated into a slowly moving flow
that matches physical movement to the breath. (This class requires the ability
to move between standing to sitting.)

“Take it up a Notch” Tuesdays

Looking for
a post-work class that will take your yoga practice to the next level? Drop
into our Tuesday class for a healthy challenge. Each hour-long class will help
you build the core strength, flexibility, and focus you need to experience and
practice more advanced yoga postures. Poses will be linked in dynamic, flowing
sequences that strengthen and stretch different parts of the body. Instructors
will modify the class and poses to suit the ability and interests of participants. This
level can be beginner-friendly, if you do not have any injuries and already
lead an active lifestyle.