Guiding Stars Program

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UNH Dining introduced the Guiding Stars® program into campus for the 2009/2010 academic year in an effort to provide students, faculty and staff with the most nutritious food choices. Guiding Stars® features a proprietary algorithm that rates the nutrient density of foods per 100 calories based on USDA, FDA, WHO, NAS, and other guidelines.

The ratings provide a measurement of best nutrient value for caloric intake pointing to the more nutritious food choices on campus as signified by the number of stars recipes receive. (One star is good, two stars are better, and three stars are best. No Guiding Stars means the nutritional value of the food does not meet Guiding Stars' rigorous criteria).

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Visit the Dining Halls! Follow the stars labels next to each dish. 1 star, is good, 2 stars is better, 3 stars is best!

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