Coverage and Reimbursement

The Coverage & Reimbursement domain looks at the intersection of health benefit design, payment for health care services, and improvements in health status. The work of this domain focuses on evaluating and making recommendations for plan design and reimbursement to decrease the trend in health care costs and assure that community members receive the services they need to become and remain healthy.

This work are began with four major objectives:

  1. Reduce the rate of growth in UNH health insurance premiums to track more closely with cost of living indices.
  2. Design a reimbursement system that reflects our desired outcomes.
  3. Analyze a move to self-funding and move forward on the findings.*
  4. Engage employees and students in discussions to design an optimal benefit plan that reflects UNH goals and desired outcomes.

*Beginning in January 2012, USNH successfully shifted from offering a fully-insured health insurance benefit to a self-insured health insurance benefit.

To learn more about Coverage and Reimbursement, enroll in one the courses listed on the Healthy UNH Courses page.