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Talk it out!

Day after day, you are sitting at your desk and closed off from everything. You can feel the stress piling on as the day continues and there seems to be no end. You hope that when you get home it will not follow, but it does. You often go to others to talk about your day and how stressful it was. This may feel like a constant therapy session with your friends, but the benefits of being social have been proven to lower stress and improve mental health

Whether it is good or bad topic, talking, or being social, helps with mental health and wellness. Mental health and wellness can be improved with being social but so can other health related issues such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and wound healing. A study conducted by Berkman and Syme, showed the ties between social relationships and death rates. The results really speak for themselves; people that have more social ties tend to live longer lives.

Stress from work can really carry a burden on our backs. Take the time to be social with someone during lunch breaks or after work. On the weekends have friends over for game night or a movie. Laughing has also been a known cure for stress and improving mental health. Find other events in town that you can join in on. A simple conversation can do so much for your mental health. So try it! 

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