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A lot of people think when the sleep less, they will have time to do more, but there is a limit on this. You already said this in your blogpost: 8 hours is best for most people. I have tried a lot of sleep rhythms and found that 12 o clock in evening till 8:30-9 is best for me. When I sleep 7 hours I have more time in a day but using it less effective. Im also feeling more stress when I sleep less. I write a lot about this subject in Holland: omgaan met stress. I also found that my clients sleep far to less often and this will cause a lot of extra problems when they are facing a lot of stress. It will provide very often a viscious circle wherein they sleep less > more stress > less sleep etc.Like I mentioned before, not only enough hours of sleep is important. Also rhytm, without a good rhytm you will endure a lot of time the same problems as sleeping to less hours.James