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Nutritional Knowledge

Do you obsess about your body image? Is your day constantly
preoccupied thinking about the food you may or may not have eaten? Are you an
athlete and are you wondering what foods would best suit your athletic and
academic schedule? Have you recently been to the doctor and been told that you
have high cholesterol? Have you decided to become a vegan and are
wondering how to go about eating the foods you wish to eat but still manage to
get all of your daily nutrients? If any of these questions pertain to you, or
you have a nutritional query entirely your own, the people to talk to are right
here on campus! As a UNH student most if not all of you have paid the mandatory
Health Fee, which means you are eligible for Nutrition
, located in the second floor UNH Health Services building. Students
are able to make an appointment by calling (603) 862-3823 or setting an
appointment up online.

Personally, I have friends who know hypertension runs in
their family, so they make an extra effort to make correct choices when it
comes to food. Where would they find out how to do so, at Health Services
Nutrition Counseling. For others, they may simply wish to know whether their
current consumption rate is healthy for their lifestyle. One thing I know,
most, if not all of us, can agree on that being at school can be stressful. Many
of us find solace in culinary experiences, however those experiences can go
from being good habits to bad ones easier than we may expect. However don’t
take my word for it. Visit the UNH Nutrition Counselor, Maria,
for a one-on-one meeting which won’t last longer than an hour and will help you
get on your way to a more knowledgeable and healthier you!

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