Health & Wellness


Biofeedback technology uses electronic equipment to measure and monitor changes in one’s internal physiological state while teaching breathing, relaxation and meditation exercises. Individual sessions with a computer-based biofeedback program are available at no cost to current UNH students who have paid the health fee and UNH/USNH employees and their dependents.

Allergy Services

Allergy shots and routine immunizations are available to faculty, staff, and students and all employees for a fee.  Health Services will bill insurance.  The remaining cost is the responsibility of the patient. Students must bring their orders and serum to the first appointment and may store their serum at Health Services.

How To Access:

Students can make an allergy appointment, by calling (603) 862-2844 or (603) 862-2856.

After Hours Medical Care

Students have 24/7 access to non-urgent medical care when Health & Wellness is closed by calling their main number which connects to a medical call center, where staff will conduct a phone assessment and make suggestions for additional care options, including a visit to an urgent care center or hospital, if appropriate. 

How To Access:

Medical Emergency: dial 911

Acute Care

UNH Health & Wellness offers acute care services (e.g., infections, injuries, headaches, heartburn, etc.).

Health & Wellness offers acute care for UNH students, employees, and dependents.

How To Access:

Employees call (603) 862-9355 (WELL) or go online to make an appointment. Students call (603) 862-2856.

Academic Support

If academic performance is affected by illness, students can consult with the community health nurse to learn about their academic options. This program is available at no additional cost to students who have paid the health fee. There is a fee for students who have not paid the health fee.

How To Access:

Flu Clinic

Each year, the seasonal flu makes its way to campus resulting in missed days of work and classes. This virus spreads rapidly among students because of close living conditions, lowered resistance, stress, etc., and campus communities have the potential to face significant epidemics each winter.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that the seasonal flu vaccine is the single most effective method for preventing the seasonal flu.

Gender Identity/ Expression, Gender Affirming Medical Services, Education and Counseling

Transgender students and employees will find a safe haven within Health Services.  Basic medical services and referrals to specialists for care available.  Education, a resource library, and online resources are available. Education/information is free to the UNH Community. Counseling available to students who have paid the health fee, at no additional cost. Students who have not paid the health services fee have an additional cost.

How To Access:

Financial Management Education

Health Services provides information on financial wellness and resources for those seeking assistance with personal finance. The CashCourse website has information on managing finances.  Counseling is available for free to students who have paid the health fee and is available at a cost to students who have not paid the health fee. A Resource Library is available at Health Services and online resources are also available.

How To Access: