Controlling Wasps, Bees, and Hornets Around Your Home

Controlling Wasps, Bees, and Hornets Around Your Home information sheet is a helpful resource that describes and shows pictures of common species in New Hampshire and provides information about whether they are aggressive and how to control them safely. 

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Visit the UNH Cooperative Extension website to learn more, or contact the UNH Extension Infoline by calling 1-877-398-4769 or emailing

GLBTQQIA Education and Services

Health & Wellness is committed to providing a safe space and high- quality medical care and wellness counseling for LGBTQIA+ students and employees. Education, a resource library, and online resources are available. Counseling is available to students who have paid the health fee, at no additional charge. Students who have not paid the health fee have an additional charge. Education and information are free to the UNH Community.

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Person Centered Planning Trainings

Person Centered Planning is made up of tools and approaches to help a person receiving care have choice and control in how services are delivered. Trainings are offered multiple times a year. Unpaid caregivers, professional staff, medical staff, and other paid caregivers are encouraged to attend. Trainings are perfect for people who provide any type of support to another person, regardless of age.

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Discriminatory Harassment; Compliance, Diversity and Equity

The Director & Title IX Coordinator provides advice on policies, programs and services to achieve affirmative action goals and enhance the campus climate, is the designated Title IX representative, and, in addition, handles all complaints of discrimination under the Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment Policy (includes sexual violence and harassment).

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