Fierce and Fabulous Women's Expo

October 10, 2018

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Fierce and Fabulous Women's Expo
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Check Out The UNH Fierce and Fabulous Expo On Thursday, October 25th, 2018

Each year in October, UNH Health & Wellness hosts the Being Fierce and Fabulous Women’s Expo. The event includes intention setting, positive affirmation fortune tellers, aromatherapy eye pillow making, coloring, T-shirt decorating, and much more! The event is designed to empower people of all identities and genders, and give UNH students, employees, and community members a break from their busy lives to de-stress and have fun!

The event will also include complimentary services and products including:

  • Chair massages
  • Pet therapy dogs
  • Consent lemonade
  • Chocolate, cookies, popcorn
  • Raffle baskets (with great prizes!)

There will be more than 50 organizations at this year’s expo from UNH and all over New Hampshire. UNH Organizations include departments such as SHARPP, The Waysmeet Center, and UNH Women’s Studies Programs. UNH Student organizations including the Eating Concerns Mentors, NOURISH UNH, and Student Senate. New Hampshire Businesses include:

  • Planned Parenthood
  • Aryaloka Buddhist Center
  • Seacoast Outright
  • Wellspring Center for Wellbeing
  • NH Campaign for Voting Rights
  • And many more!

Stop by the Fierce and Fabulous Women’s Expo this year to have fun and make connections outside your normal routine!

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