Have You Heard About Wellness Wednesdays?

October 10, 2017

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Have You Heard About Wellness Wednesdays?
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Learn More About How You Can Make Your Dining Hall Visit Healthier

Do you get sick of eating the same thing in the dining hall every day? Do you want something healthier? Look no further! This fall semester dining initiated Wellness Wednesdays, a time to provide new and heathy alternatives every Wednesday during lunch. Each dining hall has their own Wellness Wednesday feature, and each Wellness Wednesday is based off of Dining’s Menus of Change Principles.

Menus of Change of was introduced by dining in order to advance healthier and more sustainable life-long food choices by connecting different insights from academic programs as well as dining services. The Menus of Change features 24 different principles, and these 24 principles will be highlighted on 24 different Wednesdays throughout this academic year.

Examples of Menus of Change Principles that will be implemented this year include:

  • Serve less red meat, less often
  • Reduce added sugar
  • Focus on whole, minimally processed foods
  • Move nuts and legumes to the center of the plate
  • Go “good fat” not “low fat”

Wellness Wednesdays will not only offer healthier alternatives, but they will show you that eating healthy and sustainably can be easy, and can lead to being more informed consumers in the future. So, next Wednesday head over to Holloway Commons, Philbrook or Stillings for a new and exciting meal!

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