Ever Thought About Trying Group Exercise?

September 19, 2017

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Ever Thought About Trying Group Exercise?
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Learn More About Group Exercise Classes At UNH.

College can be overwhelming, making it hard to find a balance between class, homework, social life and staying healthy. When trying to balance everything, health is usually the piece that is pushed aside. Luckily, UNH provides a way for you to mix fitness into your social life. The Hamel Recreation Center at UNH provides daily group exercise classes for students. These classes provide an opportunity for students to have a scheduled workout at the same times every week. It is a great option for students that want to stay fit, but are not sure how when they walk into a gym. There are a lot of class options and they are open to all students.

The classes are broken down into four categories which are:

  • Strength: The strength classes focus on building on the muscle you already have to make you stronger and more toned. There are a lot of options for the strength classes including Strength 101, TRX, Boot Camp, Pilates, Barre and Core & More.  Each class has its own set of benefits and because there are so many options, it is easy to find a place in your schedule to go to one.
  • Yoga: You can choose which yoga class to take based on fitness level and how dedicated you are to yoga. The options are Gentle Flow yoga, Vinyasa yoga, and Power yoga. Yoga has many health benefits and is relatively easy to perform.
  • Cardio: A cardio workout helps you get your heartrate up and improve your endurance while exercising. The cardio class options include Cycling and Zumba. Both of these classes will help you fit a full body workout into your schedule while also adding some fun!
  • Fusion: These classes provide a mixture of the previous types of classes. For example, one of the classes, Yogalates, is a mixture of a strength workout and a yoga workout. The options for fusion classes are Total Body Toning, Pump & Pedal, Cardio Kickboxing, and Yogalates.

The classes are scheduled at different times throughout each day between 6:30 am until 9:15 pm so you will be sure to find at least one class that will fit into your schedule. You can access the Group Exercise calendar by clicking this link.

The next time you feel like working out, grab some friends and check out some of these group exercise classes!

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