Making the Most of Your College Experience

August 22, 2017

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Making the Most of Your College Experience
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A Must-use Resource to Check Out BEFORE Your Senior Year!

I remember four years ago, when I was faced with the question of where I wanted to go to school, saying, “anywhere BUT UNH.” I was adamant and didn’t want to be stuck at an in-state school where 10% of my graduating class was going. I wanted to make new friends and get the most out of my college experience. Then I went to an Accepted Student Day, got to attend a UNH Hockey Game for free, and got my first taste of the college atmosphere. Long story short, that’s the day I fell in love with UNH! From that point on I breathed UNH wanting to learn about all the opportunities this school offers.

Reflecting on my four years, I realized I accomplished a lot: participating in Hall Council as an officer, being a member of Residence Hall Association (RHA), taking up rock climbing with the UNH Climbing Club, becoming a Resident Assistant (RA), doing research with professors, studying abroad, volunteering at the Waysmeet Center, and much more. UNH has so much to offer that it was difficult to do everything that jumped out to me…clearly four years was not enough time!

If I could go back and use a resource more often it would probably be Health Services. This resource offers a variety of services to the UNH Community. Whether we need medical attention or just an environment to go relax, Health Services has us covered. If you haven’t been there yet, don’t feel bad. I was that student who, even if I wasn’t feeling well or questioning whether I should go to the doctor, would “tough it out,” most of the time regretting it later on. But that’s what these trained professionals are there for, so no need to keep putting off the doctor visit when UNH Health and Wellness is located right on campus at 4 Pettee Brook Lane.

Health Services also recently opened a new office located conveniently at the Hamel Rec. Center that encourages students to drop in and utilize their services. From daily fruit-infused water, coloring and meditation rooms, and much more, this wellness-focused area encourages students to take care of their minds and bodies. And these are only some of the many services that are offered!

My advice: I would strongly encourage every student on this campus to stop by Health Services, or any resource you’ve heard of but haven’t visited, at least once to become more familiar with what’s available. This is a good way to “break the ice” so, in a time when this resource can be of help to you, it doesn’t seem as daunting. Bringing a friend is a great idea as well!


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