Pack Your Bags!

May 23, 2017

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Pack Your Bags!
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Have you ever thought about how studying abroad can impact your health and well-being?

If you keep up with UNH events, there always seems to be something new to do or see on campus, but do you ever feel like there might be something else outside of the UNH community as well?

On Thursday, February 2, 2017 UNH Global held their first Study Abroad Fair of the semester. There, UNH students from all grades, majors, and backgrounds were able to hear from students who had studied abroad in the past about travel opportunities and the numerous benefits to studying abroad, some of which included:

  • Fulfilling discovery program course requirements
  • Learning a second language
  • Adapting to new cultures
  • Problem-solving
  • Learning to arrange travel plans

“Cool, but what does studying abroad have to do with my health and well-being?”

Actually, a lot! On top of developing important life skills like some of the ones listed above, traveling is an opportunity for individuals to do some “soul searching,” set aside the stressors from back home, and to explore what the world has to offer.

It’s not all gelato and riverboat rides on the French Riviera, but that’s what makes traveling so beautiful. We get to explore new cultures, learn to not take everyday things (like peanut butter) for granted, and can even partake in the many educational, volunteer, and research opportunities that are out there.        

The professional, educational, and cultural growth that can be gained from taking on real-life experiences through a study abroad program are truly invaluable and, who knows, you may even make some new lifelong friends!


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