Looking for More Ways to be Healthy on Campus?

February 15, 2017

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Looking for more ways to be healthy on campus?
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Join UNH’s Student Nutrition Association

Here at UNH, a lot of people are looking for more ways to get involved on campus, and even more people are looking for ways to stay healthy. So, are you interested in a healthy living and wellness? UNH’s Student Nutrition Association (SNA) is the perfect place to bond with fellow classmates and learn more about staying healthy as a college student.

This on-campus club is open to all majors, anyone who is interested in health and wellness. SNA hosts events throughout the school year, participates in group workouts, and hosts guest speakers to the club meetings. In previous semesters, SNA has had an herbalist come speak, has taught a nutrition class at On Target Fitness in Portsmouth, NH, and has had a viewing of a documentary all about dietetic internships.

The Student Nutrition Association works frequently in partner with the Haitian Health Foundation, including hosting a dinner at Young’s Restaurant to raise money. The dinner hosted in the spring semester includes raffle prizes and speakers from the Haitian Health Foundation to tell their stories about living in Haiti for short periods of time.

The goal of the Haitian Health Foundation is:

1. To improve the health and well-being of women, children and families in the Jérémie region

2. Establish a preventative healthcare system

3. Bring education and sustainability to the village

Meeting times are Thursday nights at 5:30pm in the Memorial Union Building, come check it out if you’re looking for ways to stay healthy! You can also join via Wildcat Link

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