Do You Need Help Making Healthy Lifestyle Changes?

May 13, 2016

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Health Coaches Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Does your weight fluctuate more than you would like it to?  Has your doctor told you that you are at risk for diabetes?  Is your stress affecting your health and relationships?  Harvard Pilgrim members ages 18 and above can talk to a health coach via telephone for health and wellness guidance.

Harvard Pilgrim health coaches are registered nurses who are certified in lifestyle management coaching.  Through one-on-one phone sessions, they can help you identify health barriers in your life, then assist you in developing a plan to make lifestyle changes and break down those barriers.  These coaches have experience in weight management, blood pressure control, stress relief, and other related concerns, and they are able to guide you in making realistic lifestyle changes to address your specific health problem.

After helping you set goals to benefit your health, your health coach can monitor your progress and guide you by making suggestions based on your schedule and your preferences.  If necessary, they can also refer you to other in-network resources.

Call your personal Harvard Pilgrim health coach today to adopt a healthy lifestyle

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