A Team-Based Approach to Losing Weight

April 3, 2016

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A Team-Based Approach to Losing Weight
Photo Courtesy of: UNH Facilities

How One Group of UNH Employees Worked Together To Sprint Into Spring

Recently, 14 facilities employees at UNH created an opportunity to lose weight. The collaborators of this challenge, Sandra Hickey and Shawn Herrick, both from the Ritzman Lab, had all the participants chip in for added incentives before they started the challenge. “Sprint into Spring” was a ten week weight loss challenge and recently ended on the first Monday of Spring - March 21st.

Anyone interested in participating in the challenge was allowed to join. Some people participated to lose weight, while others participate in support of those trying to lose weight.  This mentality really brought the small community together. Project Manager Mark Geuther reports that “the group was very supportive of each other. On many afternoons, a group of us would do what we started calling the “Gregg Challenge.” We could climb the stairs at Gregg Hall to get in a bit of exercise. Other days we’d walk to the stadium and climb up and down the stands or just take walks on our own.”

To assess weight loss, percentage of body weight was measured instead of pounds. To calculate this, each member on Monday would weigh in on the same scale at the Ritzman Lab. After all the weights were calculated, they were put in a spreadsheet and emailed to everyone in the competition to show the ranking of people in the competition. Stephanie Cartabona, one participant, described this as “a real motivator to see those numbers.”

At the end of the competition, the Ritzman group lost a total of 98.9 pounds. Because of this challenge, other facilities on campus have piqued interest as well and want to either start a similar program or compete with those in the Ritzman Lab in the future. This competition reflected what UNH facilities is all about: pride, service, and dedication.

This sense of community and competition is a great example on how you and your friends and colleagues can lose weight and have fun!

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