Looking For Ways to Feel More Comfortable So That You Can Work to Your Best Ability?

April 1, 2016

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Looking for ways to feel more comfortable so that you can work to your best ability?
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Improve Your Climate FIRST

How do you feel about your workplace climate? Does it support you in striving to your fullest potential? Do you feel more motivated and satisfied at work if you have positive or negative support behind you? What you’re probably thinking right now is correct - positivity is key.

Come join your fellow faculty members, department chairs, directors and deans in UNH’s UNH Advance Academic Leaders’ Workshop, which is aimed at improving workplace climate and showing faculty members different ways to become more successful and satisfied at work.

The main goal of this workshop is to provide resources to help create a more positive climate for all faculty members across UNH.

The positive impact these leaders have on faculty members can be seen through many actions including:

  1. Showing the importance of the work being done
  2. Making positive remarks to allow one to feel motivated
  3. Being inspirational and coaching faculty members into creating goals that can be easily achieved
  4. Pointing out different ways on how to be a leader
  5. Improving clarity in areas that may feel uneasy to some such as:
    1. Recruitment and retention
    2. Evaluation
    3. Compensation
    4. Career progression
    5. Career life integration

There’s no reason to feel unsatisfied with your work! Think no more and learn more about UNH Advance Academic Leaders’ Workshop now!

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