The Benefits of a Personal Trainer

January 12, 2016

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The Benefits of a Personal Trainer
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Are You Sick of Just Walking on the Treadmill?

Most people go to gym and just hit the treadmill or elliptical because they are too nervous to go near the weights. Individualized training can teach proper technique and form of every exercise. According to the CDC, “Strength training, particularly in conjunction with regular aerobic exercise, can also have a profound impact on a person's mental and emotional health.” Working with a personal trainer is the fastest way to improve your overall health, reach a healthy weight, and get maximum results, and to stay motivated. 

 If you are a Hamel Rec member you can request a personal trainer for a small fee. Additionally, employees with Harvard Pilgrim Health insurance are eligible to receive 500 dollars per year towards a participating fitness club and Hamel Rec is on the approved list.

 A certified trainer will provide feedback, information, and personalize program that fits your goals. These trainers will have you feeling confident and navigating the gym in no time. The important thing is to choose a program that you will enjoy. This will make exercise a habit rather than chore.

Hamel Rec offers the following programs:

-Basic Training

-Enhanced Training

-Fitness Testing

-Follow up Visits

-Getting Started

-Personal Yoga

-Semester Personal Training

-Small Group Training  

Staff members, take the first step to a healthier lifestyle with Hamel Rec Center! 

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