Fresh Check Day

October 27, 2015

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Fresh Check Day
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Come Join UNH in Helping to Prevent Suicide and Promote Mental Wellness Across Campus

College can present many challenges that are difficult to deal with. You may be trying to balance schoolwork, a part-time job, participating in clubs, a social life, and/or playing a sport. You may feel as if everything is piling up and you are unsure how to make it go away.

On October 29, 2015 from 11 AM to 2 PM, UNH is hosting Fresh Check Day in the Granite State Room of the MUB. This is your chance to learn coping strategies and about the campus resources that are available to you.

 What is Fresh Check Day?

Fresh Check Day is a program put on by The Jordan Porco Foundation (JPF). JPF funds Fresh Check Day on college campuses to bring awareness towards suicide prevention and mental health resources on campus. This event is like a celebratory fair that includes activities, such as interactive expo booths, free food, entertainment and prizes.

The Fresh Check program has four primary goals:  

  1. Raise awareness of mental health resources on campus
  2. Reduce the stigma around mental health and suicide that scares students away from seeking help
  3. Help students recognize warning signs and determine when a friend is in need of help
  4. Encourage students to seek help if experiencing emotional stress

If you are not someone who is suicidal or depressed you are still encouraged to participate in this event to support your peers and raise awareness towards suicide prevention.

Come join UNH in what is sure to be a great event. Take some time out of your busy day to focus solely on YOU.

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