Tobacco and Your Wallet

November 14, 2017

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Tobacco and Your Wallet
Photo Courtesy: Tobacco Campaign

Find Out How Smoking Cigarettes Can Affect Your Financial Well-Being

Between 2009-2012, the estimated annual smoking-attributable economic costs in the U.S. were between $289-332.5 billion”. In New Hampshire a pack of cigarettes costs an average of $6.64. The average electronic cigarette starter pack is $50, and to keep buying e-liquid refills is about $1.40 a “pack”, or what would be the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes.

Smoking is in no way a cheap habit to keep up with. If you smoke a pack a week, that is $350 per year, and if you smoke a pack a day, that is $2,400 a year. Not to mention medical cost that could be associated with the physical effects of smoking, such as doctor visits or hospital stays. Also, if you smoke, your health insurance company is more likely to charge you 50% more than your non-smoking co-workers.

When you don’t smoke cigarettes you will:

  • Not have to pay for smoking-related diseases and any hospital stays, treatments, or drugs that come with it
  • Not have to take unnecessary time off work to deal with smoking related illnesses
  • Not lose productivity at work due to missed days
  • Earn more money at work, than people who do smoke (an average of $1 more per hour!)
  • Pay less money for insurance
  • Receive more money back when you sell a car, home or furniture because it has not been exposed to cigarette smoke
  • Not have to pay for expensive teeth whitening, face cream and perfume/cologne to cover up the fact that you smoke

The cost of smoking is more than just the cost of the cigarettes, smoking affects your entire life.

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