New Trend in Smoking: Hookah Bars

May 11, 2016

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Are You Hurting Yourself With This Social Activity?

We all know a person who takes a few puffs if they are out at a party or had a tough work week. Social smoking is being encouraged by the recent popularity of Hookah Bars. This may seem like a relaxing evening with your friends, but rethink your choice for a night out. Most people believe that this fruity, flavored tobacco is some how less dangerous than regulars cigarettes. “However, hookah smoke contains many of the same harmful toxins as cigarette smoke and has been associated with lung cancer, respiratory illness, low birth weight, and periodontal disease.” Furthermore, the nicotine in hookah is just as addictive as traditional tobacco products! Even if you are just sitting in Hookah bar you are subjecting yourself to second hand-smoke, which include risk of cancer, heart disease, and respiratory diseases.  

Ultimately, don’t let a night of fun jeopardize your health.

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1. A typical hour hookah session is the same to smoking 100 cigarettes

2. Hookah smoke has been associated with oral, lung and bladder cancer, not to mention clogged arteries and heart disease.

3.Those glowing amber charcoals used on hookahs, they release high levels of dangerous toxic agents like carbon monoxide, metals and cancer-causing chemicals.

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