Is Smoking Interfering With Your Health?

January 15, 2016

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Is smoking interfering with your health?
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Start making a plan on ways to quit smoking

According to Quitter’s Circle, 76% of smokers said it was easier to continue smoking than to try quitting. Although smoking is addictive, it is possible to eliminate the addiction and quit before matters get worse and you see your health decline. We stress so much on getting the proper nutrition, getting the proper amount of physical activity and maintaining a healthy mentality towards life; however, your health will not improve if you add smoking to the mix. Smoking will allow all the good things you’re adding to your body be present, but they won’t allow for a healthier lifestyle.

Do something about your smoking habits before matters get worse. Although it may be easier said than done, which is the case for anything else, creating a written plan with guidelines as well as different quitting approaches will be extremely helpful for yourself to follow. Having something written out in front of you is helpful and will allow you to keep your head high and stay confident once you see yourself accomplishing the written steps.

Believe in yourself and follow the following approaches to start your quitting process:

  1. Step One: Decide to quit. Write down all of the different reasons why it is a good thing to quit smoking. Review all of the reasons why smoking is detrimental to your health and everything that would improve once you quit. Picture your life without smoking and how much healthier not only your life would be, but your loved ones as well- second hand smoke is nearly as bad as firsthand smoking.
  2. Step Two: Once you have made your decision to quit and have put your mind to it, make sure that that your friends and family know. It is important to gain support in this difficult time. Make sure they know that you are serious in quitting and that you need their support to make progress.
  3. Step Three: Identify resources. Although going cold turkey works for some, most people need resources to help them quit smoking. UNH offers lots of resources to help with this.
  4. Step Four: Once you have received support, make yourself busy. Sometimes when your mind is elsewhere and enjoying miscellaneous activities, you won’t even think about taking a break to smoke. When you are at your work break, chew gum or do something else that you enjoy. Even if that means picking up a candy bar (not the healthiest idea), you are at least doing something to eliminate the potential urge to pick up the cigarette.
  5. Step Five: Get rid of every smoking related item that you have and don’t bring yourself anywhere that smoking may be present. If you don’t see things that have to do with your need to smoke, you most likely won’t even think about picking up a cigarette to smoke (especially if you are keeping yourself busy).
  6. Step Six: Reward yourself. Once you see yourself making progress, reward yourself with something that you love to do. Bring your family and friends and enjoy what you love to do with your loved ones by your side. You are not going to feel healthier just from eliminating smoking in your life, but also because your relationships with the people you love will get stronger.
  7. Step Seven: Although physically doing things will help you quit, your confidence is key. Stay confident and don’t let down. You can do this, UNH believes in you!

At the end of the day, quitting is up to you and you have to stay motivated for it to happen. Having these steps written out in front of you to be seen each day will be helpful and will help you to remember why quitting will create a positive impact on your life.

If you want to learn more about different methods to help you quit, click here.

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