The Price of Smoking

November 26, 2013

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Stuart Miles

November 21st was the Great American Smoke Out. Here at UNH, students are encouraged to kick the habit by being educated of the harmful effects of smoking and offered resources to help them quit. The Center of Disease Control reports that smoking is the leading preventative cause of disease in the U.S. Smoking causes approximately 443,000 deaths from cancer, lung disease and heart attacks each year. One factor many do not think about is that by quitting smoking you can significantly reduce your own health care costs, as well as the health care costs of everyone!  “Each year smoking results in $96 billion dollars in health care costs”, that’s a lot of money! Some is directly because of smoking’s detrimental effects to the user and it is also estimated that 10 billion is spent on secondhand smoke exposure.  

By smoking one packet of cigarettes per day in a year, that will add up to about $5,000 dollars, in ten years that could be $50,000. This is money that could be spent on school, spring break, or even a car.  Save your money and your health! By quitting smoking you will reduce damage to the people around you, improve your health, and save money!

Health Services offers counseling and education, as well as light therapy, meditation and other services to help you to quit! Save years on your life as well as dollars in your pocket.

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i loved the article, it is absolutely true that stopping smoking benefits a lot. normal expenditures that we spend on health can be reduced greatly. and it s important to delivering lectures on quit smoking to youngsters. coz they are the future. if a student knows all its harms then he she will never dare to adopt it. smoking does not harm the smokers only but their family members too.As per a research it is believed that infants sleeping with smoker parents have more nicotine. The study was published in the journal BMC public health.

$5000 a year!? Thats insane! I don't even make that amount in a summer!

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