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February 12, 2020

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Spring roll ingredients
Photo Courtesy: Maddie Anastasia

Healthy, Easy, And Fun To Make: Fresh Spring Rolls!

It can be challenging to think of fun, new, and tasty recipes to add to your daily life. Fresh spring rolls (sometimes referred to as summer rolls) are not the deep fried spring rolls you may find at a Chinese restaurant or in the freezer section of your grocery store. They are a light, healthy, fresh and impressive recipe to make for yourself or your friends. Fresh spring rolls can be filled with veggies, protein, and even fruit! They are so versatile; anyone can enjoy their deliciousness. All the ingredients for this recipe can be purchased at any local grocery store.


  • 1 packet of Spring Roll Wrappers (I used Blue Dragon brand)

  • VEGGIES! My favorite to use are bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers and cabbage 

  • Vermicelli rice noodles 

  • Soy sauce for dipping 


  1. Slice all the veggies into sticks.

  2. Cook the rice noodles by following the directions on the back of the package.

  3. Place the spring roll wrappers in warm water until they become slightly sticky. Lay wrapper flat on a dry surface and fill with all your fixings.

  4. Roll the wrapper up like you would a burrito and VOILLA, your spring roll is complete.

The fresh vegetables give a nice crunch while the soft rice noodles almost melt in your mouth. Dipping them in soy sauce is my personal favorite way to eat them. Try out this recipe for your next dinner or lunch and you will not be disappointed!

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