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November 1, 2019

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Easy Ways To Check Up On Your Mental Health 

November is all about being present. As the semester goes on and finals week approaches, students will need to check up on their psychological well-being. Today, college students are under a lot of stress and may not make the time to check up on their mental health and prioritize mindfulness. There are many fast and easy ways to complete this important task. 

Students at UNH can go to Psychological and Counseling Services, or PACS. Under the Self-Help category, there's a collection of resources for students. PACS also provides a plethora of mobile apps for mindfulness, safety, sleep, and much more. The apps are a fast and easy way to check in with yourself, but if you are looking to see a therapist and to physically speak to someone about the way you're feeling, you can schedule an appointment by simply calling PACS at (603) 862-2090. If you're nervous for your first appointment, you can read the expectations for what goes on during your initial appointment.  Checking in with your mental health is very important, especially for busy college students. Start of a month of mindfulness by prioritizing your mental health. 

Why do we need to check on our mental health? We go to the doctor's office once a year for a physical, why not treat our minds as well as we treat our bodies? 

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