Fight Seasonal Depression

November 22, 2019

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The Temperature May Be Dropping, But Your Happiness Doesn't Have To!

The cold temperature and shorter days can really take a toll on your mood. It's very normal to have fluctuations in your mood depending on what season it is. Cold, grey skies can really put a damper on things! Seasonal depression is a mood disorder that usually comes with the shorter days of fall and winter. It is extremely important ot treat seasonal depression, because it can really limit the joy in those who suffer from it. Here are some ways to combat any seasonally related sadness!

  1. Try light box therapy - Light boxes can mimic the sunlight that is very much lacking during this time of year! It is shown that this type of light causes chemical changes in your brain that lifts your mood. Students can schedule a light therapy appointment through Health & Wellness. 
  2. Push past the cold temps - On those rare days the sun is out shining, force yourself to bundle up and head outside. The feeling of the sun on your face will make you feel much better. 
  3. Keep yourself busy - It can be hard to be social when the weather isn't great. Get out and do things with friends and family to keep your mood elevated! 

Fall and winter may be long and cold, but it is doable! Go outside, hang out with loved ones, and live in the moment. 
Don't wish away the cold, embrace it! 

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