Is There Such A Thing As Post Graduation Depression?

March 20, 2019

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Graduating college is a big accomplishment, and symbolizes a jump into the real adult world. But is it a happy experience for everyone? 

Post graduation depression is defined as extreme sadness and impaired functioning experienced by recent college graduates. Symptoms can include a perpetually negative perspective, decreased motivation to get out of bed, general hopelessness and even substance abuse. Most people are reluctant to report a depression post-grad due to the fact that entering the “real world” is typically seen as a joyful right of passage. Most people think that they are the only ones experiencing this sadness when in reality, it is much more common than one would think. 

Tips to cope with post graduation depression include: 

  • Get organized – whether that means cleaning your room or workspace, being organized can make you feel more productive. 
  • Get outside – fresh air can do a world of good!
  • Get off social media – the online world can be a toxic place because people only post the good things that are happening in their lives, no one sees behind the scenes. 
  • Make a routine – find a new schedule that works for you now that you don’t have classes structuring your day. 
  • Find someone to talk to – whether it be a friend, parent, or counselor, talking to someone will help. 
  • Fuel your body correctly – drink enough water, and eat your fruits and vegetables. 
  • Embrace your free time – being constantly busy in college can make it seem like you have a lot of time post grad, use the time to find a new hobby!

Remember that this "post grad - real world" jump is only a temporary part of your life. every transition comes with its challenges, but they will all work themselves out.

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