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February 26, 2019

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Fun In The Sun
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Learn How Getting Outside Can Increase Your Mood During Winter Months

The winter months bring shorter days and colder weather. With that, our circadian rhythms change, causing us to often feel more tired and less motivated. Many people feel that during winter it is hard to find activities to do outside, and end up spending most of every day inside. However, winter does not mean that you must be trapped inside. Studies have shown that people who are feeling down during the winter months often feel better after being exposed to light

Here are a few ideas for how to get outside in winter

  • Take a walk – Even though there is snow on the ground, sidewalks and sideroads will be plowed. Find a route you like to walk and make it a goal to walk it two to three times per week. 
  • Play in the snow – Having a snowball fight, building a snow man, or even just getting outside to shovel are all great ways to get outside
  • Skate – If you have some skates and live near a pond, going skating or setting up a friendly game of pond hockey will get you outside and moving in no time
  • Take pictures – Grab your phone and go exploring. Finding objects or scenes to take pictures of will not only get you outside, but help you see the beauty of winter as well.
  • Hike in the snow – Put on your snow boots and find a trail in the woods. The snow will give you a new perspective on a trail you like and get you moving around outside.

Getting outside for a little while every day can help to boost your mood and combat some of the negative symptoms associated with the winter months. It is also important to make efforts to follow a balance diet and exercise regularly. Check out the Healthy UNH website for more information.  

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