Music For Mental Health

December 5, 2017

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Music For Mental Health
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Find Out How Listening To Your Favorite Songs Can Improve Your Mental Health            

Think back to a time when you were struggling. Maybe it was just a bad day, maybe it was something bigger. Think about what you did to calm yourself down and get a hold on what was happening. Did you listen to music? Research has shown that listening to music during stressful times can have a calming effect.  When you put your headphones in or turn up your speaker, you are actually improving your mental health while you’re jamming. Music has been proven to elevate mood and motivation as well as helping with relaxation and increasing the efficiency of the way your brain processes information.

Some of the ways you can use music to improve your mental health are:

  • Expression: It is often hard to find the right words to explain how you are feeling about certain things, but listening to music and hearing lyrics that you relate to can help you to figure out how to best express yourself.
  • Social Connection: If you are finding that it is hard to connect with the people around you, discussing music can often lead to unexpected connections. It is exciting to find someone that listens to the same music as you and to discover new music through friends as well.
  • Motivation: Putting on your favorite songs before doing a difficult task can help you find the motivation to do it. For example, if you have some cleaning to do, it will be much better if you blast some music so you can dance around while you clean.

Music can have really a positive impact on your mental health in many ways. So the next time you are feeling sad or lonely or maybe you just have a lot to get done, put on your favorite tunes and see for yourself the impact music can have!

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