Journal Your Way to Less Stress

June 5, 2017

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Journal Your Way to Less Stress
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The Simplest Things Can Be The Greatest Stress Reducers

Writing down your thoughts, your ideas, and feelings can help your mental health in unexpected ways. Whether it’s about your good days or  your bad days, writing about it can help make you feel better.

I recently went on a volunteer trip to Bali. Every few nights, I sat myself in front of beautiful scenery and started writing. I wrote about my excitement being there, my thoughts on the importance of traveling alone, and reflected on how the trip changed me as a person. I also reflected on the fears I had before the trip, during the trip, and would have after the trip.

I continued journaling when I got home, making it a weekly stress reliever, or whenever I felt too overwhelmed. Writing down my thoughts keeps me organized, and gives me a sense of clarity when I overthink a situation or problem in my head. It helps me log off from social media, and work through any negative thoughts privately, rather than spreading negativity onto friends and families’ media feeds. Keeping a journal allows me to reminisce on my good days, and learn how to recover from my bad days. Jotting down thoughts may not always feel better than physically conversing with another person, however, it can release some tense emotional build-up. Venting to myself in writing helps me establish a sense of freedom from my worries and unless you choose to share your journal with someone, you can express your thoughts without feeling judged.

Try this: write one thought that has resonated with you for most of your day. Then reflect on that idea—ask yourself the who/what/where/when/why questions about it. All you need is some paper and a pen, and you may be surprised where one thought or idea can lead you!

Express yourself and enjoy journaling!

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