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December 2, 2021

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Tips for Keeping Your Workouts Fresh and Fun

Think about your workout routine: do you enjoy it? Are you seeing results? Do you look forward to your workouts? If you answer yes to any of these questions, keep doing what you’re doing! There is no need to change something that’s working. 

However, if you answer no to any of these, or experience any of these other signs, then it might be time to change up your routine.

Signs it’s time for change:

  • You’re feeling stuck. If you no longer enjoy working out, you know it’s time for a change. If you have been following the same routine for weeks or months, working out can begin to feel like a chore rather than something you enjoy doing.
  • You don’t see progress. If you are continually following the same exact routine, you may experience a plateau. This occurs when your body becomes too familiar with the exercises and you stop seeing results.
  • You’re getting injured. By continually using the same muscles, you run the risk of overusing those muscles and getting injured. Switching up your routine allows you to work other muscles and let your other muscles heal and rest.
  • You’re bored. Following the same exact routine can get boring, and you may no longer feel challenged. This may make it more difficult to stay motivated.

If you’ve decided it’s time to switch up your workout routine, you might not know where to start. Chances are you have gotten comfortable with your routine, and it can be hard to start over and try something new. Here are some easy tips to help you start switching things up.

  • Train new muscles. If you continually train the same muscles, they will start to get used to the movement and your other muscles will be neglected. Pay attention to the areas you tend not to focus on and look up exercises that target them. That way you get a more rounded workout. 
  • Go to new classes. Trying out new classes can be a great way to try out new workouts and see what you like! Hamel Rec offers free group exercise classes including beginner weights, cycling, yoga, and zumba. The classes are offered at all different times and are risk free!
  • Workout with a friend. Working out with someone is a great way to stay motivated and to try new things. You could come up with a plan together or alternate who comes up with the plan each day. This keeps the workouts fresh and makes you both more consistent. 

Exercising is a very powerful tool to improve your overall health. Exercise should be fun and feel good, and should not be something you dread. Listen to your body and find what makes you feel your best! Visit our friends at Hamel Rec to see all they offer when it comes to exercising.

What is your current workout routine? Let us know by emailing us at!

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