How to Make Treadmills More Enjoyable

October 12, 2021

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Try These New Treadmill Tips to Have a Better Workout 

If you’re anything like me, you get extremely bored while on the treadmill. I don’t love running in the first place, so it’s hard for me to find motivation to run indoors. However, as the temperature begins to drop and with snow coming soon, running on the treadmill is beginning to be the best option. I have been searching for tips and tricks to make running inside more enjoyable and have found a few that help me! So, if you’re anything like me and hate running on the treadmill, here are some things you can try out next time to make it more fun. 

  • Make a Playlist. One of the things that helps me the most is finding music that motivates me and keeps me running. Whether it's EDM, rap, or even indie, find what music motivates you! 

  • Download an App. Thanks to the rise of technology, there are now a bunch of apps that help make running more enjoyable! Zombies,Run! simulates you running away from zombies, and RunSocial allows you to run with people all over the world! 

  • Try Intervals. Doing intervals on the treadmill always makes the time go by faster! Find some intervals to try out here! 

  • Watch a Show. If listening to music isn’t your thing, try watching your favorite show to make the time go by! 

  • Track Your Progress. Tracking your progress can help you stay motivated to keep running. Websites like this one make it really easy to do so. 

Although running on a treadmill may not be ideal, having these tips may make your next tip to the gym more bearable! Also check out the Hamel Rec center which features an amazing indoor track if treadmills aren’t your thing. 

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