Get Outside, Even In the Cold!

October 18, 2021

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How Getting Outside May Improve Your Mood, Even in the Dead of Winter

The changing of seasons brings many joyful things, such as apple picking, cozy clothes, and curling up by a fire. Unfortunately for many people, however, it also brings what some may call “the winter blues”. With temperatures dropping and it getting dark outside even earlier, there is much less time to do outside activities and be in nature. This can lead to many feeling depressed and anxious. One of the best ways to combat this is to try and get outside more! As stated in this article, being outside for even a few minutes a day can help boost your mood, give you the source of Vitamin D that you need, and improve your immune system! 

            There is a Nordic concept called “Friluftsliv”, which is centered around the idea of getting outside, rain or shine! The Nordic believe embracing the outdoors is something that should happen all year round. Some of the main components of friluftsliv are:

  • Make the most of your time: even if you have to use your lunch break to go outside, try to get some movement in your day away from your work!
  • Try exercising outside: going for walks, jogging, or even doing yoga outside can be extremely beneficial. 
  • Be prepared: always make sure you have enough layers to be able to bundle up, plus a hat and gloves can’t hurt!
  • Enjoy it: use the time as some much needed alone time, so you can calm your mind and reflect on your day.

Since summer has come to an end and lockdowns have been lifted, you may have found yourself not getting outside as much. There are benefits of being in nature for both your physical and mental health. It is very important to continue to try and get outside for your overall well being, and to keep the winter blues at bay! Seasonal depression is very serious, and affects many people. As always, please feel free to utilize PACS if you ever feel like you need extra help. 

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