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September 2, 2021

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How to Take Care of Yourself After Getting a Sunburn  

Although the summer is soon coming to a close (sigh). We still have a few good days left where it will be hot and sunny all day long. Whether you find yourself at the beach, lake, mountains, or even in your own backyard; the risk of sunburn is still high. And even though you put on sunscreen and wear a hat, it can be super easy to forget that sunscreen only works well throughout the day if you are regularly reapplying it. Trust me, I forget to do this all the time.  


Recently, I was enjoying one of the last hot beach days of the summer and I found myself with a mild sunburn even though I wore my SPF and hat. Unfortunately, I forgot to reapply. On the brightside, I know that the sunburn would have been a lot worse if I hadn’t used any sunscreen at all. After I got home, I felt sluggish, dehydrated, and had a horrible headache. So if you find yourself feeling the same way after spending time in the sun during the last few days of summer, checkout these tips below to learn about some sunburn self care! 

  • Take a cool shower: When you get home, take a cool shower. This will help soothe your skin while you wash off the sand and sunscreen. It will be an added bonus if you can use a moisturizing body wash. 

  • Use aloe vera: Aloe is soothing for the skin and is great for sunburns. The moisturizing effect can also prevent peeling. I always like to keep mine in the fridge because there is nothing better than cold aloe on a sunburn.  

  • Wear loose clothes: Loose clothing will prevent your skin from further irritation. It will also keep you cool, and try to go for something that is made of a soft material.  

  • Stay hydrated: Even spending a few hours in the sun can make you dehydrated very quickly. So make sure you rehydrate with cool water to replace the fluids you lost having fun in the sun.  

Sunburns can be a real nuisance, but after some serious self care and a few days; you should make a normal recovery. Always remember to seek medical attention or call your doctor if you feel sick or are concerned that you may have anything more than a mild sunburn!  

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