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March 26, 2021

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How to Get Moving at Work  

If you are finding yourself working or learning from home for the foreseeable future; you are probably not moving around as much as you used to. Maybe you even roll out of bed every morning and get straight to work at your desk without doing anything else in order to maximize the amount of sleep you get. Although this may seem like a good idea, it is only adding to your new sedentary lifestyle. To get moving at work or school from your desk, check out these tips below!  

  • Keep your water bottle 6 feet away from your desk: Even though it is convenient to have your water bottle right at your desk, moving it 6 feet away from your desk will allow you to have it in eyesight so you don’t forget to drink water. It also enables you to get up and move a little every time you need a drink.  

  • Take a 3 minute break: If time allows, at the top of every hour take a 3 minute break to get up and move. Do some squats, jumping jacks, or walk up and down the stairs. If you do this for 3 minutes every hour over the course of a standard 8 hour work day, that gives you an extra 24 minutes of physical activity per day or 120 minutes per week (if you work 5 days per week)!  

  • Relieve some tension: Sitting at your desk through endless Zoom calls can cause a lot more stress and tension than you think. Next time you are in a Zoom call, periodically make circular motions with your wrists and gently tilt your head side to side to relieve some tension building up in your joints.  

  • Get outdoors: Even if it is for only 10 minutes in your afternoon, take a break to get outside! It doesn’t matter if you walk around or just sit in the sun, getting some fresh air will help you de-stress and recharge.  

These small tricks will not only keep you moving throughout the day, they will also help you relieve some stress. Unfortunately, most people have spent the past year having the places where they work, sleep, and play merge into one location. Without having the luxury of a short or long commute in between, it blurs the boundaries and enables us to carry a lot of unnecessary stress. So next time you sit down to start some work, remember to move!  

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