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January 16, 2021

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My Tips for Staying Active at Work 

So we’ve been doing this whole “live, play, and work at home” thing for a long time now, and I’m sure that if you’re anything like me; you’ve been spending a lot more time than you’d like to admit sitting in front of a screen. Whether it be a computer, tablet, or TV; sitting in front of a screen can take a serious toll on your physical health.  

At the beginning of the pandemic, I noticed that I was getting a lot of headaches, my eyes would burn from how dry they were, and my back and neck were always stiff. I just felt like my body was carrying so much tension. The stress from the pandemic was definitely contributing to some of this, but the biggest culprit was sitting at my desk in front of my computer. I went from taking 10,000+ steps a day going class to class, to sitting down in front of my computer for 4-6 hours at a time without any breaks. I had literally moved from one end of the spectrum to the other. 

To help relieve my headaches and back pain, I decided that I wanted to be more aware of how long I was sitting and staring at a screen and to take more breaks. I would make sure that I got up once every hour for at least 5 minutes to walk up and down the stairs or walk around the house. I would always make it a point to go outside and get the mail every morning (rain or shine) to get some fresh air. And around 3 p.m every day, I would go for a 20 minute walk. I used lots and lots of eye drops and would take every opportunity to print papers so I didn’t have to read them on a screen. Doing these small things added up very quickly and I felt so much better after the first day of doing this. As we are going into a new semester, and new year, most of us will be working or learning from home to some capacity. Challenge yourself to get up and move.  

Although these are just a few tips that worked best for me and my schedule, I encourage you to try something new that is going to get you up and away from the screens. To share some of your favorite tips to get up and away from the screens, email us at!  

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