Getting Fresh Air During Winter

December 8, 2020

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How to Dress for the Weather 

Living in New England, cold weather and harsh conditions is nothing unfamiliar. It comes and goes year after year. On top of the pandemic, cold weather is going to make it even harder to get out of the house for some fresh air this year. But dressing for the weather is key to staying warm and enjoying our time outside. Whether you run, hike, or just like to take a daily stroll, check out these tips below to dress for the weather!  

  1. Layers! Layers are key to staying warm outside when it gets really cold. I’m sure you have gone outside to do something and found yourself quickly breaking a sweat even though it was below freezing. Dressing in layers can help you not only stay warmer longer, but also allow you to cool off quickly if you become overheated. If you find yourself too warm, take a layer off. If you cool off but then start to get cold again, put a layer back on.  

  1. No cotton! Even though grabbing your favorite cotton hoodie to wear under your jacket before going out may seem tempting, remember that cotton will hold all of your sweat and then will sit on you wet while it cools off. Before you know it, you’re wearing a cold and wet sweatshirt. On top of that, cotton expands when it’s wet. This creates the perfect condition to become very cold very quickly. This doesn’t apply only to tops either, avoiding cotton socks will help keep your toes warm and dry.  

  1. Bright colors and reflectives! Whether you prefer to go out at daylight, dawn, or dusk, wearing bright colors and reflectives will help passing drivers see you better. Even though you may choose to take the sidewalk, remember that drivers aren’t expecting to see many people out and about in the winter which means they probably won’t see you. Making drivers more aware of your presence will help keep you and the drivers safe.  

  1. Proper shoes! As tempting as it may be to wear your lightweight sneakers, keep in mind that these were not designed for harsh New England winters. More likely than not, they’re not going to be waterproof, non slip or warm. It might be a pain to dig out your bulky and heavy winter footwear, but you will not regret it once you get outside and get active.  

Living in New England can be enjoyable all year round, as long as you dress for the weather. Dressing for the weather allows you to go out for fresh air and to take in all of the beauty of our surrounding areas and stay warm! Send us some of your winter weather tips and tricks at!  


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